Collaborative Online Meeting Technology Support


Having decades of experience working at the intersection of technology and group process; Collaboration Arts is well suited to provide effective and engaging online meeting technology support.  You'll receive advice on appropriate engagement technologies and processes to support achieving meeting outcomes as well as complete management and support of online meeting technologies.


Support includes:

  • Management of  Zoom platform (breakout rooms, polls, whiteboard, security, waiting room, spotlighting).
  • Manage and support participants in utilizing engagement tools like (Miro, Mural, Mentimeter, Google Docs/Sheets, and other collaboration platforms).
  • Manage energy and attention with music, gestures, and energizer activities.
  • Manage communications with participants; sending links to relevant tools, documents, written instructions, and monitor chat.
  • Provide technical support to participants.
  • Tight coordination with facilitator/meeting owner through shared online agenda outlining topics, tasks, and instructions to share with participants.

“Todd was wonderful to work with and made what could have been a very unwieldy collaborative virtual meeting with 70 attendees a streamlined, productive, and even fun (!) event. If you are in need of expert assistance to pull off the multi-stakeholder gathering you've been dreaming about, look no further than Todd. He'll help you craft your agenda, identify the right technologies for your needs, and sooth your nerves throughout. In addition to getting the work done -- and done well and joyfully -- you'll also have the pleasure of spending time with a kind, thoughtful, and generous person.”

Alyssa Hartman,  Executive Director, Artisan Grain Collaborative